Dynamic Adventure 02/12/2007

Up very early after little sleep and off to Peaslake for the Dynamic Adventure race challenge. I was there first and Registered my and Graeme's team and got myself a bacon roll. Dave, Simon and Lydia arrived and we got our kit checked and our point descriptions, they also provided us with some really excellent waterproof maps that made navigating easier. Of course by the time we were ready to set off on the hour's orienteering the rain was chucking down. We were soon drenched and very muddy. Oddly we had a problem at the very first checkpoint and couldn't find a telegraph pole, this knocked my navigating confidence somewhat. We had a pretty good run though. We visited every check point but the furthest one and had time to try and find checkpoint 26 again, but didn't manage it. We were drenched however. Luckily I had a complete change of clothing and I changed my new salomons for my old resoled hi_tecs and waterproof socks. This worked very well on the bike section. The bike section went pretty well until near the end, had manged too survive a treacherous descent in one piece, but then came a cropper on the road when riding trough a huge lake of water, I hit something and came off. Luckily onto the relatively dry pavement and a short roll broke my fall. However probably the shock of this coupled with cold and wet depleted the last of my energy reserves and it got harder to peddle the bike and even to hold onto the handle bars and change the gears. Luckily great teamwork from Graeme got us through and we made it home, were I tucked into suggary coffee and huge slices of cake from flossie's kitchen. This and a new set of clothes got me ready for another stage were the rain was pouring down. We set off running though as opposed to most people even though I had only had 45 mins to recover from going through the wall. Finding some of the points was tough, but we did manage ones others didn't find and got back home in plenty of time without any injuries. We all waited around in a bit of a muddy mess to wait for the results then I was glad to get in my car and put the heater on.