F1 Xmas Meal 14/12/2007

Into work and very quickly out again for the F1 Xmas meal, Richard unfortunately couldn't drag himself out of his sick bed, but the rest of the boys were there in cracking time. I met Darren at the door to Sugar Reef and Trevor, Terry, and Brian were already at the downstairs bar. Peter was hot on our heels and we had a drink in the downstairs bar before heading upstairs to take our seats for dinner. Sharon arrived next, not too late, and was able to order her dinner with the rest of us. Caroline was a bit delayed by work and Ade by transport but they ere able to order their dinner and catch up later. Sugar Reef certainly was busy there were a lot of Xmas meals that day. We all got to enjoy our desserts together and were joined by Angela who had been at her works Xmas do. We then popped next door to the St James Tavern for a couple of extra drinks