FA cup 19/05/2007

Derek, Sharon and Mark picked me up from the station in their Ateam mobile and we went back to Mark's. Off then to Mark's favourite pub we had crop circle and tom fool there, then headed back to Long Melford. We popeed in one pub but the beer wasn't so good so we moved on to Crown Inn where I had previously rented a room. Of course it would have been churlish not to then pick up a takeaway curry to round off the evening.


Up early and whilst Mark set off to go shopping at Toy's R Us, mayself Derek and sharon went to tesco's to buy beer for the football match. We arrived in good time for the Nayland match. And the game kicked off and Nayland were quickly 2 goals up, from some very good goals, unfortunately the opposition got 2 goals back but just before time a goal keeping error forced an indeirect free kick and a subsequent penalty, that put Nayland 3-2 up at half time, after some Golden Glory at half time, Nayland revitalised fought hard for an early goal going uphill and against the wind, they held this advantage till a few seconds from the end when the score went to 4-3. Off then dow the Shoulder of Mutton in Assington. There we had a great buffet and tucked into some adnams broadside. We popped bets on the fA cup, but the An Utd Chelsea match produced a boring 0-0 draw at full time, so we didn't win anything. Later we played killer on the pool table. Lot's of folks were there from the stag night, Dino, Colin, stewart, Gerard, Ian dereks brother, Don, and it was nice to meet Tina. Was a very good day. Back then to Mark's to attack his box of goodies.