Jon's Stag Do 16/02/2007


Still felt rough in the morning so didn't go in for the half day as planned. Got up late and set off to Mike Libman's but he was late so went to upminster first to pick up Neil, but he was late so we were looking very dodgy for getting to the place in time for Jongleurs. Luckily we took the M11 route and missed problems on the M1 and actually managed to get to the Park Inn in Nottingham before the estimated time of arrival we quickly checked in and straightaway jumped into cabs to take 14 of us to Jongleurs. The events for Jon's Stag weekend were organised by Jez through Maximise. It was a very good deal considering the events included and the quality of the hotel. Jongleurs had 3 comedians and a compere. The first two, one like baldric and one called silky were quite good, but suffered a little bit from some heckling. The third guy was canadian and reminded me of a grown up Bobby Hill, He was very good. We got in a bit of boogeying after the acts, but Jon unfortunately lost his blow up sheep which can be purchased in the toilets in Nottingham. After Jongleurs the maximise package included a trip to a lapdance club, seeing as the entry was free and we got to keep drinking I went along, the stella was surprisingly reasonable at 3.10 a pint. There was a disco going on downstairs which was a private party apparently. Those of us who had carried on to Senorita's finally got home after 3 am.
Up early to get off for paintballing, but not up early enough for breakfast. I set off in convoy with Chris in my car and we followed the other guys to NG22 8SY. But we could tell from the Sat Nav that their Tom Tom systems were taking them round in circles, and then didn't get them to the spot. If we had used my Garmin system we would have been half an hour earlier. We still managed to get in quite a few games of paintball though. The first game was a draw between the reds and the blues. I intercepted Mike at the last minute as he ran to our flag. In the second one however. I pushed up through a big gap on the left hand side, but Mike was able to slip through on the opposite side without me seeing him. After that we played a game down a western town were you had to capture gold, but it was just a waste of bullets really. The third game we had to move crates to the opposing end of the field. The reds seemed to pretty much get wiped out quickly and I was faced against 8 blues on my side, but I had good cover and a good gun, and they weren't co-ordinated enough to rush me, so I whittled them down to 2 by the end of the game which was again a draw.
The last game was defending a castle I got a crows nest position and called out directions to the team. We prevented them getting all their objectives. We then cleverly assaulted the farthest objective in the resurrection period, meaning we split the defenders firepower. This enabled us to win the game. We then went back to compare bruises. John, Des and Joh had some fine head bruises and Chris had a well bruised shoulder. Unfortunately Jon had also sprained his ankle badly in the last game, which was to effect his dance floor effectiveness later on. We set off then on our quad bike safari 7 at a time, I got a position behind the leader and could keep up, but Neil was having a bit of a problem. He finally got the hang of the steering after a bit of practice. The course was very waterlogged and my machine cut out a number of times. But it was good fun, it was a very challenging course and would have been easy to come a cropper at speed. We set off back then to the hotel and got there a lot quicker. We gave ourselves and hour to get changed and then met in the grosvenor opposite to watch the match and wait for Jon to hop in with his loud shirt for the evening. Off then to hooters, which from the name you might have thought was something like the a playboy club, but was more like a TGI Friday apart from the fact that the waitress's wore shorts and a vest. In fact there was a huge family party with kids sitting next to us.
However the food was filling and there was plenty of it, I just had dessert but that was good. We walked along then to Oceana, but stopped off at a pub before going in. We quickly found out that the pub was a gay pub, and funnily enough the non walking group also ended up at a gay pub. However we certainly made the most of the fact that they did good beer. Then rejoined the group at Oceana. This was a rather impressive nightclub, having numerous levels and areas and balconies. We stopped at a modern area and a parisian area and then finally we found the 70's , 80's area in the basement. This had a flashing dance floor that we couldn't see till the end of the evening it was always so full. Jon made a good show of dancing but it was obvious his leg was very painful. We did however hang in there till the club closed. Then taxied back to the hotel to actually drink coffee till the stroke of 4am when we all retired.
Up at 10am and tucked into a hearty breakfast that only Mike missed. Then we set off back about 11.30 am, despite a stop we made awfully good time down the M1 taking just over two hours to get back to Mike's, I then dropped Neil off before getting stuck in traffic coming back from Walthamstow.