Jon & Tori Wedding 03/03/2007


Up rather late into my cream suit and set off for the wedding off Jon and Tori. As I approached in the car I realized the venue, Ponsbourne Park was the same place were Viv and Anson had got married. Which was probably the last time I had worn that suit. I met a lot of folks in the car park, and followed them into the bar area were the champagne was flowing. This was quite a feature of the day, we didn't go short of sparkly stuff, pity I was driving. There was a bit of a delay on the bride arriving as is traditional, and Jon managed to stumble over the word commitment, to everyones amusement. We went out on the terrace for photographs, it was quite cool when the sun was behind the clouds but it was really bright when the sun was out, so there should have been some good pictures. The speeches were before the meal in a break with tradition, Jon gave a fine performance which I caught on video as did Jez with his best man's speech. Into the meal then, and I sat on a table with Amanada, John, John Yung and Tammy. We reminisced over Butlins many years a go at Skegness. The dessert was particularly memorable being a Bailey's Parfait, but it was all very tasty. After the meal the cake cutting then the dancing and Jon and Tori took to the dance floor for the first dance of the evening, and later memorably for a rather too good version of the macaraina. There was some distraction from the dance floor during the evening though as there was a perfect eclipse of the moon occurring. Later in the evening we were treated with Bacon rolls which kept us going, well me till nearly midnight anyway.