Jurassic Coast 30/02/2007



Left work a bit early to pack, Sandy came round at 7pm and we set off for the Lugger inn, Took 3 and a half hours including a stop, had a beer and retired to the room.


Up early with Sandy's alarm going off at 7 am. I followed down for breakfast about 15 mins later, and had a full English with coffee and toast to fuel the days event, after registering I popped back up to the room were it was warmer. We all piled into 4 minibuses at 10 am and set off for the start in Lyme Regis. We departed on mass from the car park, and we got to the first check point 8km later in one hour, It was however much hillier than expected. The second checkpoint was 11km further and again a good few steep hills peppered that distance. The next 8km to checkpoint 3 was apparently flat unfortunately a good portion of it was on shingle beach which slowed everyone down. Sandy and myself left a lot of people behind at this point. The final section was another 11 km this time the coastal path turned in line and required a bit of navigating. We picked up a straggler who followed us as we could navigate, and continued to pass people who had been reduced to walking. Sandy started to suffer from cramp but it only held him back for a while then we were back on track. We got to the finish line in 5 hours 15 minutes. Sandy took a massage and popped his blisters while I relied on neurofen and a pint of beer as I passed the finish line. We relaxed for a while and had a decent evening meal. Then I took my drinks back to the room. Sandy was asleep by 9 PM I lasted till 11.30 PM.


I slept in till 8 AM, got up and didn't feel bad considering I had run a hard marathon the day before, but I didn't feel much like doing another one, Sandy had covered almost his whole feet with Tape. We were set off at the start at 10.30am and we quickly fell in with folks we finished with the day before. I chatted a bit with a woman who was aiming for the GUCR and Sandy was going very strongly no real navigation problems and we got to the first check point quiet easily, after this the path followed the beach, it felt at one point that we were in a stand storm because it was very windy day and the wind was always against us, as we ran along the promenade, I formed the runners into a peloton with everyone taking turns at the front. This enabled to pass a lot of people who couldn't run against the wind and some added their numbers to the group. This worked well on the flat but as we got into the rough and to checkpoint 2 in 2.20 it started to get hilly so we couldn't stick together. After it started to get Hilly it started to get stupid the hills were so steep most people couldn't walk up them without resting, we didn't manage much more than walking pace to the next checkpoint as you either had to walk uphill or walk down hill, it was so steep. We got to the 3rd checkpoint in just over 4 hours and had 11 Km to go. Sandy was suffering at this point and had a massage at the checkpoint, which helped, but there was little respite from the hills in the next section, a couple of times Sandy just went to his knees on the hills but always pulled himself back up and ploughed on to the top. If there was some flat space we would still run, but there weren't many spaces like that, we were still overtaking runners and walkers alike and we overtook the same guy as the day before just a mile from the finish. The finish was very welcome we had been on our feet for 6 hours 30 mins. But we had finished at a popular time so we got a lift back to the Lugger inn really quickly. I popped in the Inn for a quick pint of lugger Ale for medicinal purposes. And at 7pm we popped down for a carvery which was very good, and we got to watch video of the race while we ate. Sandy was suffering quite a lot with blisters and booked himself in for another massage.


Bad news in the morning Sandy's blisters looked infected, so there was no way he could start the last day we had breakfast and parked the car and met the x53 bus driver and set off at 8am for the Bankes Arms in Studland. Here I got ready and Sandy got his foot looked after by the First Aid people. We all then piled in a minibus, to drive back to Kimmeridge the end of the previous days race. The start was very cold due to rain and a strong wind blowing against us. I was glad I put on an extra thermal layer. The first section had three smaller but very tough hills two were all stairs which were slippy in the rain and the third was a vertical bank of mud which you had to use your hands to help you get up. Reached the first check point in1.09 running with the bus driver and just ahead of the woman from the previous two days. After this the course became more undulating and we ploughed on to the second check point arriving there in 2.09. We pushed on then and had a nasty moment when a group of four of us climbed a long set of stairs to the top of a cliff only to find they were the wrong set and we had to go back down. This put another group ahead of us, which we caught up going up another hill. We pushed on together till the Bankes Arms in 3.20 where I saw Sandy and had a quick toilet stop. This left me behind the others in my group. I really went for the last bit, putting my head down and running fast along the beach against the wind got to the finish line in 3.50. Went then past the finish line to get some food and drink from the VO2 tent, but then decided to run back to the Bankes Arms to get myself a free beer, but I couldn't drink it as I was driving. Dropped Sandy off at home with no problems and got myself a nice Chinese to watch Doctor Who with.



The lugger Inn