Knight School 03/06/2007


Up early and Dave and Tom were round mine for 8am for a lift to Knightschool, we made a stop on the M25 for breakfast then met Caroline at cripps house farm. We quickly split into two and myself and Dave had the first go at Jousting. My first horse was a bit tricky to ride, and didn't want to trot but this turned out to be because he had an injury so then went from a Skoda to a Ferrari on Rohan one of there best horses. He certainly was easier to control and we got along fine, and got into a trot. We had a go on the quintaine with sword and lance, and then progressed to having at each other, I was the black Knight and Dave the white night It did look like the white knight was going to win, but Dave's last strike was judged a foul, and I was glad to get away with a draw and my bits intact. After a nice lunch in the scorching sunshine. After work we learnt a very long fight sequence involving four of us, swords and Staffs so we had a very good instructor ratio, literally one to one. What a great day, Tom even got some footage with the helmet cam as he jousted with Caroline, Geoff made it along as well and got video footage and pictures. Had to stop on the way home to get ice creams from the services.



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