Lakes 04/05/2007



Day off work left about 11 am for the lakes. Took nearly 6 hours to get there listening to pseudopod on the Ipod. No real hold ups went up the M11 and across. But took 6 hours. Needed 3 breaks though. John Fidler was there before me, but we had time to go for a good run before Sharon arrived. We left rydall hall ran up to their assault course in the field behind the hall played on that then ran up the side of the gorge, then had steep descent before jogging into ambleside to have a look around. Came back showered cracked a can of beer then Sharon arrived and we went down the local pub the badger and proceeded to work our way through all the beers they had including badgers bum. Gradually folks arrived through the night till we had taken over the place. And the full selection of the badgers bars ales was tried. We went back to our accommodation after the pub stopped serving and tucked into the supplies Graham and John had bought. Familiar faces had arrived by then, Charlotte, Simon, Adele, Tony, Ash etc, etc. Didn't have too late a night. There was a large beam along the length of the accommodation and Myself, John and Tony managed to traverse it.


Up and at them for 9am and after a cup of coffee and a gingerbread man for breakfast we set off for Scafell pike Englands highest peak. We parked in a field in front off an Inn and walked a couple of miles to the start of the actual climbing. The weather luckily was good, but a waterproof was necessary for when we stopped as the wind chill factor was present. We set off at a brisk pace set by myself and graham along the flat. Breaks were fairly minimal as we new we had a long day in store for us. We set off at 11am and were not finished till 7pm. I had gone in my salomons rather than walking boots and they proofed fine for the job. It seemed every time we got to a summit there was a couple more beyond it. The views were good and Jo kept us amused with lateral thinking, puzzles, as we neared the peak, Tony, Rohan and Elizabeth put on a bit of a race for the top, I managed to capture Tony summiting behind me, as he overtook the others. We took our pictures at the top and those that had food ate it, then we set off at quite a pace on the way back breaking into individual groups and not stopping. By this time a number of people were suffering, Ash had had to turn back and Caroline, Graham and Nick Wallace were suffering with their knees. However we all got safely back to the start. I celebrated with a pint and an ice cream. To avoid problems later we mainly ate at the place, Simon had a rather nice piece of lamb and I had a curry in their cafe / bar whilst consuming some of the local ales. Back then to the Hall to fight over the hot water for showers then down to the badger bar til closing, supping their new bluebird bitter. Back then to the hall after closing and some impromptu beam balancing. It wasn't such a late night as folks were tired.


Up and off to mountain biking, after a little bit of a hiccup as 3 of the 4 cars in the convoy took turns in leading. We set off on a marked route which was an on road one, and fairly good though the slate surface was beginning to get a bit slippy in the drizzle. I didn't go for the second loop but got my helmet cam ready for the Go Ape experience. Unfortunately come 2pm it was starting to rain and by the end of instruction we were quite cold and miserable, but when we got going it let up and we were fine. I was in a small group with Carlos and Simon, we would have shot round except for a slower family in front of us. There was a number of traverse at height of various levels of difficulty a number of zip wires and two Tarzan swings the second one had quite a drop, which Carlos and Simon found painful but I was ok. After that headed back to the hall and after a quick shower we went down the badger bar then I got a lift into ambleside with Ash and we got a seat at the Chinese, and indulged in a Sextuplet session which was far more than we could eat with Tony and Rob and Patrick. After that some darts in the rather empty sportmans bar that did sell wordsworth beer. Back then in a taxi to the place were we continued to drink beer and play drinking games, we also had to down some strange concoctions of the remnants of the booze, the party carried on loudly till the early hours but I called it a day after the boddingtons ran out.


Up pretty early, didn't do the water skiing but went into ambleside and had a look around all the kit shops, got some waterproof bags and a fleece. Set off back for London at about 11pm, made it back in under 5 hours thanks to roads clear of roadworks and crashes and only one stop.



8th Day UK

Rydall Hall