Lee Valley 19/10/2007


Into work then ran home 5 miles at 4pm and in the car and off to the Lee Valley YHA. The journey was only 12.5 miles as the crow flies but took an hour and a half.I parked up and met Ross, John, Sharon and Tamas. In the local pub by the railway. We then popped back to meet the others and grab food at the rather large canteen in the YMCA. The food was good basic stuff and the desserts contained a lot of chocolate, what more could you want. After dinner we popped back into town and had a rather large game of darts in the local pub. The losers had to buy sambucca shots. We then went back to the hoddesdon lodge we were staying in, and whilst listening to Matt's laptop we tried to fit as many people as possible onto the small pieces of paper. Patrick, Elizabeth and Stephanie were in my team. Finally went to bed about 3.30am.
Up early and off to breakfast in the canteen with lots of karate teams. We sorted ourselves out with bikes and set off on an orienteering course in small teams. Myself, Caroline, Niki and Simon set off and had a good time finding the points. There was only one missing and it was a really nice area with quite a lot of wildlife. We all got back ok and then set off for the weatherspoons in town for some lunch and a go on the quiz machines. We checked out the young mariners club but didn't go climbing in the end. Eight of the boys then went to play touch rugby in the park whilst the others had a rest. We also through the little rugby ball round a bit. We got back and showered and tucked into the canteen food before heading off to the windmill to watch the rugby world cup. The match wasn't a great one with England losing to South Africa, but the upside was that I won the sweepstake. We moved on then to Bar AB in the town which looked a bit dodgy because it had a happy hour from 8-10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But although it's clientel left something to be desired the DJ was fairly skilled. We left that about 1pm and went back to the lodge a bit disappointed to not get a kebab. More cards were played and chatting continued till late in the morning.
Up though not that early the staff had to kick us out of the lodge at 10am. But when we had our act together we set of the the park for a very big game of ultimate frisbee. It was a game of two half's with Ross's team coming back to win. There was some quite competitive moves from Ross, Patrick and Tamas on the other side that left me a bit bruised. I set off then after that as I had a bit of a cold and set off back.



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