Maldon Mud Race 30/12/2007


Up early and off to Maldon for he mud race, got there in good time and met Simon, Lydia and Andy easily after having a nice bacon role and coffee. We got ready, I had plenty of kit on where as the others had chosen to go with the shorts option, this was probably the right move as the mud stuck to your clothes and must have been weighing me down significantly by the end. I popped the helmet cam on and ran the race pretty much from the back so I wouldn't get the lens splashed with mud, also I could catch all the competitors on film. Unfortunately yet again I made the mistake of not having the sound on. The race set off to a false start as the radio Essex guy was actually trying to start a Mexican wave. We plunged waist deep into freezing water which was a bit of a shock but we soon warmed up with the struggles ahead. The first obstacle was a steep bank you had no option but to crawl up that, not many folks got to their feet again after that, but I was determined to get the best camera footage I could so waded on albeit rather slowly as each leg sank past the knee into the mud and it was a battle to release the leg each time. I passed one chap who was just swimming the race on his back. By the time I got to the final turn though I was going waist deep into mud and simply couldn't free my legs, so had to resort to crawling on hands and knees then till the final river crossing. This looked pretty shallow but people around me were getting dunked as they dropped into unseeable holes. Luckily I managed to avoid that fate and finished the last stretch of mud on my feet to the finish were they wiped the mud off your number and gave you a safety blanket, there were some nice cold showers then to take off the worst off the mud. Met up with Simon and Lydia and saw some more of Simon's family before heading off back to London.