Marathon 22/04/2007

Alarm went off as planned at 6.50am, coffee was brewing in the kitchen to take with me. Got to the tube and went by docklands to Greenwich was quite easy and got a seat, but the walk was a bit longer than the train route. The green start was nice and civilized as usual. It was easy to get to the toilet and had a bit of a lie down before giving up my kit bag. It was warm at the start hardly needed my bin bag liner. Then before you knew it. The gun went and we were off. Had a problem with some charity runners at the start but didn't take long to get past them, and it was pretty clear running after that. Didn't see any celebrities going round this year. Just concentrated on breathing nice and slowly and hitting the times on my arm band. BY halfway, I had a minute to spare and was very comfortable. I had resisted the urge to drink loads, sticking to a couple of mouthfuls of energy drink at the 5 miles mark. I did however pour water over myself every now and then, and used a couple of the showers. All in all things were looking very good, and I was expecting my easiest Marathon ever, but gradually the back injury I had suffered in football started to take it's effect. It started to stiffen and then my bum followed suit and then my thighs in a cascading action as my running style was affected. This got quite bad by 20 miles, and at 22 miles I had lost my comfort zone and had to watch the sub 3 hour pacer go past. I was surprised there was only one of them and they had next to no one with them. I hung in even though it was hurting and was still passing people worse than me. The tought of Ross overtaking me kept me going, and I crossed the line in 3.04. turns out Ross and Graeme both suffered and I struggled to meet up with either after the race. Did however see Ramona and Andy which was good.