Midsummer Dream 23/06/2007


Tentatively put contact lenses in the eyes after eye infection from Greece and set off for Waterloo. Caught the 8.20 am to Axminster and met Graeme at Clapham Junction ok. The train arrived on time as normal at Axminster and we caught the 885 as normal to Seaton sea front and the Hook and Parrot. What was very abnormal was the rain. I guess it had to happen some time in ten years. Luckily it was not cold especially for Borat who literally streaked off at the front of the anti clockwise runners in his mankini. Myself and Graeme had had a warm up in the hook and parrot so the first drink went down with no problem. We pushed on to the second pub in the rain, which was quite refreshing and managed to avert disaster by narrowly dodging the speeding tram. The third stop was the cream tea's were Graeme tried to duck out of drinking his tea, but was not allowed to after his poor show of bladder control between the last stops. It certainly adds an extra level of difficulty to the run when you can't so easily sweat of all those fluids. Graeme suffered a bit on the next stretch he injured both his ankles on a long steep slippery descent, but he managed to run them both off amazingly and we ploughed on with our new friend in tow. We were starting to meet people coming the other way now and they were telling us we were just behind Borat in third place overall and seeing as the two in front of us weren't drinking pints we were the first drinkers. I struggled a bit on the next slippery bits as I didn't have much grip on my shoes, but made it in one piece to the beer in the hedge which was a whole barrel of beer this time. We got to the fountainhead at branscombe but there was no beer festival this year just Borat and some women playing violins that looked a bit bemused by it all. Again another slippery patch tried to topple me but failed, and we managed the run to the top of the steep hill ok, and we saw the wreck of the tanker that had postponed the grizzly. We got to the anchor in beer and talked a while to the course organizer the lean mean runner bean, and a 70 year old chap who had caught us up while we were drinking beer. We pushed on strongly then to the hook and parrot finishing in about 3 hours 30 mins probably as first drinkers. We naturally celebrated with a couple more pints of Doombar and Cornish Coaster and a well deserved portion of chips.