New Year 31/12/2007


Off then in the evening to the Out of the Blue Bar in Battersea. Just a short walk from Clapham junction luckily. Met Geoff outside cooling down which wasn't surprising as it was warm inside. Saw big John for the first time in ages and managed to give him the bottle of black sambucca I had kept for ages. Loads of folks were there Daniel, Anna, Rob, Sandy, Lydia, Simon, Simon, Ross, Tom, Nikki, Claire, Ian, Raj, Nik, Rhod, Adele, Charlotte, Nicky, Caroline the list goes on. There was free drink when we got there and free champagne at midnight, when there was a bit of jumping around to be done. Then there was a bit of teaching people how to drink sambucca. This was probably my undoing as I'd lost a bit of weight since the pubcrawl ad my alcohol tolerance had consequently fallen drastically. I caught a cab home ok, though it cost 45 and went to bed not to rise till 3pm in the new year.



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