Nick Birthday 19/01/2007

Off to Nicks birthday party at the Banana Cabaret in Balham. Was a little bit later than 7PM due to the district line. Nick and Pete were there and Clare and her friend Jackie, we were joined by Jo and Neville and Chris and Caroline and Jon etc, etc. As we got near to 9 PM. We had a full compliment of 25 folks to cover our two tables by 9PM when the acts started. The first guy who introduced himself as a welsh jewish guy, was quite funny. The second guy Ian Cognito was very loud and swore a lot, the women didn't like him much. After a break for beer we had Ian moore, who I had seen before and looked like a small face was good and Kitty Flannagan, the Australian comedienne was last and was very good. I just stayed for a little while after that as I was trying to avoid calories, and caught the tube back meeting Clare and Jackie on the platform



Banana cabaret