Pete & Alex's Wedding 23/03/2007


Drove to Peter Lloyd's wedding, there was a lot of single track driving, which was very difficult as it was raining and there was no moon and no lights. Without the Sat Nav I would never have found the turnings. But I made it fine and after a quick dash was in the Hussey Hall to meet Peter and Alex. Chris and Julie, Viv and Anson, Theo and Chris, Phil and Alison, Rita and Paul, Wendy and Laurence were all there as well, and the Bar was in a stables. In a separate room was the disco which had a very professional band set up. Pete and Alex gave us a first dance then SP'ers initially filled the Dancefloor. A very impressive buffet then came out with some Colombian delicacies I was quick to try. Pete and Alex introduced me to some of her Colombian friends which was nice but I didn't stay too late as I seemed to be having a bit of a cold and the Jurassic was less than a week away.