Pete's Stag Night 17/03/2007

Got to Leicester Square and saw a brewmaster and went in it just to find that Peter had had the same idea. I met Grant and Steve his work colleagues, and we were joined by Anson, Phil, Chris, and some more of Pete's friends. We picked up Paul as well during the course of the day and some other folks along the way. After the brewmaster we walked along to the Tom Cribb, it was a bit difficult getting in some places because they were full due to St Patrick's day and the rugby, or because we were turned away as a large group of blokes.
We settled on the the Tom Cribb, but not before purchasing Peter a policeman's helmet, handcuffs and whistle. After the Tom Cribb we took a wander through Soho were we sampled some interesting drinks though, they had Pussy an energy drink, Dracula vodka, butterscotch schnapps, something called hypnotic, which was like pernod, some drink in a bottle shaped like an Eiffel Tower and another that looked like a Dolphin. I also had a quick detour to the French house for a Guinness, De Hems for yet more Guinness and a cocktail at Akbar. We left eventually to get food, so it was inevitable that we would end up at Wonk Kei's in China Town, were they certainly fed us well and we managed not to mention the waiters Mole. After wonkies, me, Paul and Chris popped along to the Gaucho Grill and met the hen party with Alex and Rita and Julie and the girls.