Pub Crawl 15/12/2007

Up very late after midday, sorted things out and then off to Belushi's bar in Covent Garden for the Beer no Birds, Xmas special. Never mind the BOLLOCKS it's Xmas. We started at Belushi's Bar in covent garden which was a nice bar and I managed to get some breakfast in the form of some really tasty wedges. Chris joined me in time to help me out with them, then Miles and Stuart arrived to start off and do the full bollocks pubcrawl. On the hour we departed and walked through a very packed covent garden to the next bar ON Anon in the London Pavillion, this was a bit posher or was until we got there. We were Joined by Gwynn at this bar and a number of noisy Santa Claus's who were on a Tim the Tourman event. From this bar we moved onto the Lord moon on the Mall were we found Peter and also Adrian arrived a little earlier than expected. Here we got in some good real ale before moving on to The lemon tree which was a small theatreland pub, but it did have real Ale in the form of Sussex bitter. From here we moved on to the Orange tree were we found Mark and his girlfriend and also Des arrived from Sylvia's party. The next pub was the crown and anchor, we had walked 360 degress by then and again encountered a lot of Santa Claus's walking through the city. We had seen a whole load roller blading down the strand earlier. Now thinks started to get a bit tricky we set off for the Ku Bar which we knew was a gay bar but we thought acceptably so. However it had turned into the Geisha and was also very gay, so we decamped to the cambridge were we saw some female santa claus's who had been on the event earlier. And then another disaster we turned up to the Spice of Life and although they let me in the majority of the guys were turned away as they didn't want too many blokes in the pub. So we walked along to the large pub that had been a whetherspoons, to finish the pubcrawl.