Rat Race 29/09/2007


Not up too early made Sandy's bed and got our kit ready. Sandy arrived just after 12 and we set off on our bikes to the rat race HQ next to the Mayor's Office. Met Simon and the other 8th day teams. Mark, Nathalie and Steve. Stephanie & Sam, and RoB and Anna. Also spotted Charlie and his team, and Sandy saw one of his BMF instructors. We registerd and had our kit checked then I took a lot of the kit back to mine and returned before the 3PM briefing. At that briefing we got our sheet of paper which told us were the points we were to visit for the mean streets were. We spent quite a bit of time plotting the points out and planning our route. Then at 5pm we dashed from the start line to collect a piece of paper with the points value of the various stops. We cracked off at quite a pace then southwards we got to the ministry of sound and did a challenge collecting leaflets. We got to a war museum, and I scrambled across a cargo net between two gun barrels, we then headed up and through london via the parks. Other challeges we did included climbing a cargo net on the ice wall in the ellis brigham store, a bit of parkour at the south bank, rolling in sumo suits at st pauls, we had to identify 7 commercials at the carlton offices but this involved having to run up 12 flights of stairs I then had to do it again as sandy had left the map in the boardroom. We searched through maps in Stanfords as well. It turns out that we headed home to early though we might have been better to incur some penalty points, Rob and Anna's team did really well because of this. We finished with some discovery beer and chatted with the other teams then we headed back to mine were sandy plotted the next days route on our maps. Finally got to sleep about 2.30am.


Up at 6.30 am and cycled to the site for the start. Managed to get an egg roll at the last moment, then it was off on a small orienteering challenge on the north of the river, once we'd collected 100 points it was back to the compound to get on our bikes. We cycled out then to Richmond park. Here we had to pick up eight orienteering points we had to cover a bit of distance to find them. We were starting to slow down a bit but then we saw Rob's team in front of us. Simon then got a speed boost from me and Sandy and we caught them as we were leaving Richmond. We next had to do some challenges at the fullers brewery, making a jigsaw puzzle and cycling up a lorry and rolling a barrel. At Twickenham stadium we had to abseil down the side which was pretty scarey and there were some refusals, but we got down ok. At one point we had to go across zip wire acroos a river and then strip off and jump in and swim to a pontoon and then get out via a rope ladder. It was freezing. Next Richmond park here we really cracked on as sandy navigated Simon and me worked as a team to get round so we managed to keep running and did well. On then to the kayaking at putney the river was very high and the current quite strong, I went on my own and the craft was quite a heavy surf ski, nevertheless I managed to charge round the circular course overtaking lots of canoes.Had a short rest till Sandy and Simon came in then we jogged down to the rowing challenge were we had to do 1500 metres between us on a rowing machine. We then had to crack on back to tower bridge and we got stopped for a kit check which we passed. Unfortunately we were just slightly too late for the last challenge on HMS Belfast by a few minutes, but only 28 teams managed to do that we got in at 5.40 and found later we had come 44th on that day dragging us up to 49th overall one spot ahead of Rob and Anna's team. We got in saw charlie's team and got some beer tokens off them then headed off to mine were we showered then went back to the afterparty at the barrowboy and banker. Marcos was along as well to support. We had a few beers and dissected the race and listened to the results.



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