St Ives 25/05/2007


Up early and met Ross and Sam in the sainsburys car park at tooting broadway for 8am. We proceeded down with little trouble till, we got nearly to Newquay when the A30 roadworks slowed us down and we played ipod snap to while away the half hour or so. On then to the little town of the Zennor and the backpackers. We settled in and while Ross and Sam went into St Ives I went for a run along the coast. After my run I sat in the tinners arms garden and took in the sun, and there selection of three quality beers. Doombar tinners and zennor mermaid. Adele arrived and then John and gradually we filled the pub before going back to the backpackers to drink some more and await the others.


Up for breakfast didn't feel too rough. Off with Ross, Sam and a surfboard to the beach at gwithian, a huge group of us scrambled into wetsuits just as it started to rain. Of course this didn't make much difference when in the waves. I wasn't going too well, and only just avoided squishing Charlotte at one point towards the end was beginning to get balance and get surfing by putting weight backwards. Was very tiring the waves were relentless it was very hard to push forward. After a couple of hours of this went into st ives for lunch and to watch the rugby. We went into a pub near the lifeboat and while the rest tucked into healthy food I had a Chocolate pasty. Back then to the chapel and me and Sandy went for a 50 minute run along the coast. It was rocky and a bit muddy in parts but we survived with just a muddy foot on Sandy's part. After dinner a veritable fleet of taxi's arrived to take us into St I ves, we started at the Hub bar were they had some nice beer and settees then on to the Isobar when there was gap in the rain. We immediately found a quiz machine then upstairs to the disco for a bit of a boogie. Taxi's finally arrived at 2.30am and we arrived back to find that Geoff had been making a stirling effort to rescue everyones tents from the high winds. There was no saving Graeme and Caroline's which was wrecked.


Up for breakfast didn't feel too bad. After breakfast we split up into various groups. Me, Charlotte, Sandy, Caroline, Shelley, John Owen and Jo. Decided to walk along the coast path to St Ives. We only just got to the coast when it started to rain. And then it rained and the wind blew and it did it more and more. My poncho was really getting blown about and some of the girls were getting blown over. We struggled to see the rain was so painful. We finally got to St Ives soaking wet. However we met John Fidler and Adele in the pub and after some lunch and the site of Charlotte wandering around the pub in a Towel. We got a lift back with John and grabbed some beer at Tescos. After dinner and watching some DVDs we drank a bit more then headed off to the local pub for some pool. When we got back to the backpackers, Simon got out his flaming balls and gave us a demonstration.


Up for another good breakfast and then went with Ross to the beach at Gwithian. Flew the kite a bit and through around the rugby ball. Had coffee at the shack with stuey and gibbo and charlotte and caroline. As well. On then in a convoy to okehapmton. In a traffic jam on the A30, we tried to jump out and nick sandy's shoes, but he was to quick. Lunch at the white hart in Okehampton. Then we pressed on and the a303 was very clear,



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