Summer Party 28/07/2007

Off to wandsworth common for the 8thday Summer Picnic, went via decathlon to pick up a softball bat. Got to Balham ok, but then no Taxi's south of the river so had to walk to wandsworth common with a rather large bag on the back. We were practically blessed with good weather during the day, I even got slightly sunburned. All the crowd were there. I started of playing Tennis with Simon and Sandy, luckily my tennis wasn't as rusty as it should be. We played a bit with the softball and the new bat but it but some severe dents in it. We did play regular rounders and I had some success at getting the ball over the cricket boundary to get some rounders, I also got a catch two as backstop. We Played touch rugby and ultimate Frisbee, and threw and kicked various sizes of rugby ball and Frisbee about. Played on till about 8pm when I had to leave the guys at the pub and headed off for Paul's birthday.



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