Wales 05/04/2007



Day off work today, set off for the braich goch bunkhouse and Inn about 11.30. Got there after a few detours at just after 5pm. Was by far the first there so got my kit on and went for a gentle run along the valley as I couldn't see a way to climb the hills. After I got back Dave arrived and he went for a cycle ride in the hills. After that I had to wait a while for Ross to arrive then lots of folks arrived at once. Me and Dave played a bit of free pool in the pub connected to the bunkhouse. The pub was closed so we had it to ourselves. The pub also had a climbing wall but we didn't get to use it over the weekend. Gradually all the folks of the weekend arrived and the bar was quite busy and we played darts as well as pool. Finally got to bed in the early hours.


Up fairly early for a brief by the instructors ross had hired in, then after a bit of a false start when we lost a couple of people we set off for cedair idris, the mountain we were to climb. The weather was good, and the scenery was impressive, we split into two groups one scrambling up just past a lake and one walking round. The scramble was strenous if you did it fast but you only needed your hands in a few places. Matt had fun throwing himself off into sheep poo to slide down long stretches. We got to the top and the others had sandwiches as we looked down into the valley. After that we headed back down in double quick time to the car park. When we got back I went for a 40 minute run with Dave, Matt and John, John however shot off and got lost. At the last minute we took a route uphill and the others gave up then I ran downhill at speed, Matt tried to follow and fell over, but didn't hurt himself too much. That night there was a band restless leg on in the pub, but we first went into Corrin the little village and had some food at the local pub, the slaters arms. I had chips and Old Peculiar. Simon had Old Peculiar as well and we were joined on our table by James and Jade and Graham who like me toasted himself in front of the fire. It was pleasant in the pubs in Wales as there was no smoking. We went back to the pub then and bopped along to the band who were playing Rhythm and blues till the early hours. I was quite drunk.


Woke up the earliest of the weekend feeling the roughest. But got ourselves ready for the briefing and set off for climbing. Despite early rise it was 11.30am before we got to the sea cliffs to set up for our single climb of the day, which took only 40 secs. I did get to use the helmet cam however though the footage was not that good. In the afternoon we were supposed to be white water Kayaking, This however turned out to be surf kayaking, which was fine for me as I had my own spray deck. The others just kept capsizing due to their boats filling up with water which must have been a bit demoralizing, after that we had to drag our boats up the little inlet we came down as it was too shallow to effectively paddle against the current. Was good fun in the waves however. Graham got a kayak in the neck and I capsized once due to the size of the waves. Back then to the place, and whilst Nick led some others off on a cycle I prepared my bike for the morrow, by adjusting helmet Cam, unfortunatley back brakes and gears still didn't work. Went into town with John and Matt and Amanda and Bob. We were beaten to the last pizza in town by Graham and crew but we managed to find a hotel that served nice food so I had faggots. After that we stopped for a couple of drinks in a pub that was very full so the girls sat down whilst the boys had to stand, then it was back to the bunkhouse. We played a darts game that involved taking your clothes off and 3 second pool. I went to bed about 1am


I woke up fine but Ross was quite unwell with food poisoning. We sorted ourselves out to split into groups and mountain bike along the Mach Trails. I went with James, Jade, Ross, Sandy and Brian along the MACH 1, this was about 10 miles in length and had some steep uphills which required a bit of effort but the downhills weren't too technical. I used the helmet cam again, but footage was a bit shaky, will have to try and work on that. Got back to find that Grant was the only major casualty of the day on the cliMACHs route which was quite technical. Rather than stay for another night in the bar, I set off home at 7.30 pm, I didn't quite miss the traffic as a number of accidents had blocked off whole sections off road luckily the sat nav got me around them via some interesting back roads, but got stuck on the second diversion by a one way bridge, otherwise would have been home in 4 hours the motorways were so fast.



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