Xmas Pub Crawl 22/12/2007

Off to Liverpool st and caught the train to Bury St Edmunds. It was a bit slow taking two hours but was problem free. Got to the Dog and Partridge and found John, Paul and Terry checking in. Got to the room which was very nice then Steve arrived and we set off to the first pub as I had finished off the free pint the manager had given us. This was a slightly earlier start than normal we sere in the first pub at 6pm and were joined 5 minutes later by a whole gang of folks, Dave, Barney, Richard, Michael, Mark, Tim so it was a really good turnout and a few pubs late we were joined by Jeff and Steph who were staying at the Angel. We stayed for an extra drink at the pub which brewed it's own beer missing out one pub, but we were also pleasantly surprised to find it was happy hour in one pub, this meant that they served us a pint and a half in a large glass. I was holding up really well on the drinking front this year after all my practice. We had a bit of a squeeze in the nutshell when a Camra group turned up but we managed. We got back to the dog and partidge OK and then when the others had left in Taxi's those of us staying at the dog and partridge set off for a curry. I didn't eat much curry and could hardly touch my beer but what I had of the curry was very good, and we had a bit of a chat with the manager who was an east end boy, who was impressed by the fact that Steve was a proctologist.