8th Day Anniversary Party 04/10/2009

8thday anniversary party was in the evening, but first there were pre-drinks at Charlotte's. We were all done up in our DJ's and Masks apart from Sandy in his velveteen jacket. The girls were all looking splendid in their outfits, and Charlotte had champagne for us all excellent. The hour at Charlotte's flew by but I had time to get used to taking photo's with the new ixus in black and white. Cabs arrived and we all jumped in and popped over to the Brunei bar where Ross was waiting with more champagne for us and a free bar, the place quickly filled up with party goers, and the camera got a lot of use. There was a buffet in a separate room and we were also entertained twice by Sandy's band. Sam and Steve at one pointed Jammed along with Sandy on their blow up guitars. There was also an awards ceremony, I got an award for organising climbing, and Charlotte, Steve, Paul, Sandy, Nik and Charlotte all got awards and a shooter for organising stuff for the club. He party continued on with much dancing till 2am, then we all caught a taxi back to Nik's except I realised straight away I was a bit drunk, and so caught a taxi home again before consuming anything further.



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