Jurassic Coast 27/03/2008

Sandy arrived about 2.30pm and we set off for the Jurassic, no real problems getting out of London but we saw a lot of traffic the opposite way on the m25. Slight hiccup at the end of our journey when we went to the wrong lugger inn, but after that the sat nav worked fine. The lugger was as we remembered it and served a good pint of beer.
Woke up in the lugger inn. Nipped downstairs for breakfast and to register then drove the car to the caravan site in the rain and got a lift back to the lugger inn. Luckily just as we started the rain stopped a bit and only drizzled on us during the day. The ground was very muddy however and we saw a number of people fall flat and a lot of muddy backsides, luckily neither myself or Sandy were amongst them. The start was a bit further back than the previous year to make the days distance a full marathon. My hip was initially giving me some mixed messages but that and my back quieted down after a while to my great relief and I was able to adopt a more relaxed running style. We did slightly better on the navigating this year avoiding a mistake that had seen us running along a shingle beach the previous year. We pretty much stayed with the vo2 guide until the last check point then pulled ahead with a couple of other guys as the pace took it's toll and a lot of folks slowed down. We were struggling ourselves coming into the last few miles our running pace was very slow. However just as we had finished the heavens opened up but luckily we missed all that safely in the tent and then the van. I got the keys to the caravan and got back to the park moved the car and switched all the heating and telly on. Was soon joined by Sandy who had stopped for a massage and then Ollie and Gavin. After we were all in we went into the complex for some beers and some food, nobody stayed up late.
Woke up a bit cold and cramped in the caravan bed. We all walked up to reception and the Starbucks then me, Sandy and Ollie got a lift in the Van to the Lugger Inn were we had our usual hearty breakfast. The start was at the inn That day and finished at Lullworth cove, this meant that we did 3 of the the toughest hills just before the finish. The day was made more difficult due to the weather it soon started raining and kept at it during the day. The wind was also quite blustery along the cliff tops, you would often be running forwards but leaning and looking to the right to balance the force of the wind. I had all my waterproof kit on and was still fairly damp and cold. Luckily the only thing that was bothering me by the end of the day was my rib muscles, which were probably strained from running at such an awkward angle for so long. When it came to the finish line, Sandy suggested a sprint finish so I obliged nearly ploughing into the finish tent. We were lucky enough to get the last 2 seats on a bus though so were home fairly quickly I was even warm being in the front with a heater. After we'd got showered and changed and had started drying kit with the mini hair dryer and taken plenty of stretching action we got a lift to the lugger Inn from Ollie in his hire car. We opted for the BBQ I just went up the once unlike the others but did have a couple of beers. We didn't stay long however as we had to get up super early in the morning to get to the start have breakfast and cope with the clocks going forward.
30/03/2008,br> Last day of the Jurassic coast run. Got up packed and drove to the lugger Inn to have breakfast with Ollie and Gavin following behind, we then drove on another 50 odd miles to the finish at the car park in safe haven. The oner had been postponed during the night due to the terrible weather it was chucking a gale down. But it was remarkably good at the start at Lullworth cove. There was however a chorus of moans and groans from the crowd as we set off down hill. However we had to immediately climb over 3 very tough hills, so it took us nearly 2 hours to reach the first checkpoint. The first checkpoint was actually the start of the last day the pervious year so I knew we were in for a tough day. Shortly after we saw one guy who looked like he could no longer continue just sitting looking exhausted. We pushed on to checkpoint 2 going up some more hills and down some steep steps. At the bottom of which Sandy had to start walking as his Achilles had packed up. We were however quite close to checkpoint 2, so I had an extra rest there whilst Sandy caught up. The decision then was made to power walk the rest of the way, which at the time I though was about 13 miles but was more like 16. Almost immediately we saw one causality the shouty guy from the previous day had sprained his ankle and was returning to the checkpoint. Also we were aware that a women in a couple just ahead of us had lost her big toenail so although they were running part of the time they weren't really pulling ahead of us. We pushed on and made the 3rd checkpoint. I thought we were nearly there but we still had 8 miles to go apparently. My feet were a bit sore by now with all the walking, but not too bad certainly no blisters were present. We caught and passed some walkers and I gave one of them some neurofen to help them along. We eventually dropped down to the long stretch of beach to the finish, a lot of folks started running then so overtook me and Sandy, it certainly seemed a much longer beach than the one I had finished on a year ago. We got across the line though and certainly weren't the last. After a quick neurofen and drink it was time for 3 hour drive home, luckily this was quite uneventful apart from our comical attempts to get out of the car at the service station.



The lugger Inn