BnB Xmas Pubcrawl 13/12/2008

Off to the beer no birds Xmas special. Unfortunately it was raining but luckily I had picked a route with minimum walking. The first pub was the porcupine, I hastily tried to eat some breakfast as I got down the first pint of Santa's tipple. I was joined by Stuart and Chris in this first pub. The next was the brewmaster literally only 50ft or so away which was good as it was raining. We then crossed the road to the bear and staff then back again to the round table. By then we had picked up quite a few revelers. Pete, johnny wren, miles and bill and Neil young had all made an appearance by this point. We next popped into the Salisbury despite miles prediction we managed to squeeze in. The next pub was the angel just across the road, which had a quite a few santas in it. The next pub was the green man and French horn, by this time we had been joined by Jon luik and Neil o'grady and the star guest for the night Des who was looking in fine form. There was a bit of fun as a leak from the roof shocked a number of women on the way to the toilets, but universally they looked to blame Stuart instead of the ceiling. We pushed on down to the chandos and enjoyed a pint of beer under 2 pounds. The next was a fine old boozer the harp and then onto the porterhouse, which was busy but not as busy as expected, whether this was due to the credit crunch or down to the rain is hard to say. There was a bit of a shock in this last pub when Chris had a Bacardi and coke, but apart from that we all made it safely through without mishap.


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