Bury Pub Crawl 20/12/2008

Woke up not feeling too bad which was just as well as the workmen wanted to paint my windows, I there fore left it to the last minute, but successfully caught a direct train from Liverpool st. Got to bury about 4.30pm and used my sat nav to easily get to the dog and partridge, were I met Steve checking in at the bar. We quickly dumped our stuff down in our room then popped back to the bar for a leisurely pint before the 6pm start time. We only had 8 pubs on the route this year, but we had planned 2 drinks in the old cannon the brewery pub and what with an extra drink at the start and a half finished lager in the curry house, then we probably drank more than usual but over a longer period of time. The Shackell's, Mark, Barney and all the usual crew were there so we had a very good turnout and we were evening joined by a couple of new folks. We seemed to time it this year so we arrived at the music pub just as we were warming up. The pub was empty then full by the time we left. This year we had the nutshell to ourselves, when myself and Steve unwisely tried to eat pickle eggs, and I also visited the loos for the first time. We had a very good turnout for the curry as well and had some rather interesting green curry that was very tasty, for once ate all my curry.