Caving 02/08/2008


Up at 6am and I was ready to set off to caving at 6.45am when David and Mark had arrived. We got a lot of rain on the way and when we got to the Burrington inn to meet Alison and Ilya it was still raining. We got changed into waterproof overall's and the new type of LED caving light. Just as we set off for the first cave the Goatchurch cave it stopped raining. This first cave was dry and we had great fun scrambling around it. We came out at lunchtime and drove to Priddy were we had a rather nice lunch before descending into the afternoons cave this was a wet cave and we got wet nearly straight away, but I was toasty with my neoprene socks on. There was a very interesting squeeze at one point that I struggled to get through, but breathing out got me there then we swang down through a waterfall, we ploughed along through flooded passages, looking at the weird rock formations that were used to inspire alien. I made the mistake of trying to squeeze back up the tight spot and managed it with great difficulty. Unfortunately we weren't supposed to go that way as the woman had never seen it done, so I had to rest for a number of minutes till I stopped breathing so hard and force myself through a third time. We came out into blazing sunshine and set off again for the pub.



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