Christine Birthday 09/03/2008

Off to the Landmark Hotel near Marylebone station to celebrate Christine's birthday. Met Rita again on the way to the hotel we found. Julie, Chris and Sylvia enjoying a bottle of champagne in the voyeur, then we went upstairs to find Christine, Ingrid and Emma, then we were joined a bit later by Susan. We were spot on time to make the most of the free champagne, and I started drinking to make a profit. I waited for the queue to go down before sampling a little bit of breakfast before trying nearly all their desserts, and it was a pretty extensive range of desserts. We kept nibbling and drinking the champagne and Christine got a cake and some birthday music, then the time came to 3.30pm, so we moved to the mirror bar were Chris ordered champagne and some expensive whiskeys bringing his bar bill to over a 100, I just had there beers but those weren't cheap but they were nice. Eventually the hard core went home about 9.30pm.