Dynamic Adventure 30/11/2008

Up very early at 6.30pm and drove in the pouring rain to Marlborough Downs for the Dynamic adventure race. Got there in time and had a nice coffee and bacon roll while I got my kit ready was glad to see the bike work worked when I pumped up the tyres. Graeme was already there and had checked in and Simon, Lydia and Dave were also there. So we shared a table the first event was running, the weather didn't let us down and rained continually I struggled quite a bit to keep up with Graeme, I hadn't gotten over the cold of the previous week and spent most of the day coughing up gunk from my lungs, but even at my reduced pace we were still faster than nearly all the competitors we saw, and we covered the countryside at a good rate and clocked up a good number of points, no navigational errors to speak off and we got in spot on time. There was an hour then to peel ourselves out of our soaking clothes and into some warm dry kit. I pumped up my bike tires and luckily the bike preformed fine. I wore my neoprene socks and these were a godsend my feet stayed warm and fine on the bike. The same could not be said for my hands. I was wearing three pairs of gloves, one pair of latex so I could feel and operate the map, a small pair with holes in the fingers and neoprene weightlifting gloves over the top. I thought I was going to be in real trouble with this arrangement at the start but gradually my fingers warmed up apart from thumbs. We were of course in full waterproofs all the tim and I can honestly say I never got hot even when slogging on foot with the bike through inches deep mud. However apart from the constant struggle of plodding through deep mud and the lack of grip of the tires we did pretty well, we had some drama when Graeme's bike chain came off near the end but luckily he was able to run home with it and coast to the finish, so we still finished within the designated time. We didn't take quite an hour to get ready for the night section, again changed into a nice new set of dry kit and then found that the powerful light on my headtorch didn't work. Luckily I had my powerful hand torch with me, Again we set off in the rain, there were many few competitors setting off in the night, quite a number had been beaten by the conditions. Myself and Graeme were still going strong and we did really well picking up a great number of points in the dark we got to all our checkpoints with little trouble despite the fact they were in the wood. We had some difficulty getting back, but dead reckoning got us to hit he desired road and we charged into the finish a little late, but the penalty points were outweighed by the extra points we had picked up. We then got changed again and tucked into grub from flossies kitchen. The winners were announced and we were both surprised when we picked up an award for second place. Lydia, Dave and Simon were also second in the mixed team category, so a very good day out for both teams. Quite a long drive back of two hours though, but a nice Chinese was my reward.



Dynamic Adventure