Frisbee 16/10/2008

Off to Ultimate frisbee at the new winter venue of ferndale sports centre in Brixton. The court was nice and compact and we only lost the frisbee once on the roof, but luckily Matthew retrieved it without killing himself. Quite a good game I got a lot of running in and actually scored a lot of goals including one were I seemed to hang in the air for a second to catch it. Afterwards we split our forces a bit. Myself, Matt, Steve, David, Nick, Bryan and Adele headed into town to the Guanabarra bar, were Sophie was celebrating her birthday. Already there were Marcos, Grant, Mahmoud, Jenny & Caroline. We had a couple of different beers and I had a mohito bought for me by Adele. But it didn't quite get me drunk enough to do Salsa. Finally left sometime after midnight and caught the night bus home, and grabbed a cheeseburger from the taxi café.



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