GBBF 08/08/2008

Up early and amazingly no hangover, got to earl's court slightly early and got in the queue for non camra members without tickets, it was a little bit after 12 before we got in, because there was such a queue of camra members, but when I got in there I found, I had made it slighlty before Mark. We met up quickly and then Pat phoned he and chis had grabbed a big table so we joined them. I finished off my unusual Australian beer and got some Thai food and wasabee peas that went down well, there was also a really good deal on joining camra so me and Chris joined. And got 20 of wetherspoons vouchers, as well as a big book, and free drink. The others started to arrive during the day Phill arrived with his natal class chaps, and we were joined. By other Phil, Chris Paris, Preeti and Jeanette, James Brown, and BNB Phil, Will also made an appearance. Drank steadily through the day without getting too drunk. Didn't really get to see the band or move about much as folks were always arriving or leaving, but with such good company who needed to move about much. We did have a moment of drama when Chris dropped his glass which lost him 3. Otherwise a well orchestrated day, which was finished off with some Chinese sweet and sour chicken balls to put the icing on the cake.