Godless Xmas 18/12/2008

Off to the bloomsbury theatre. Met Simon in the bar and we had a few Stellas before the performance. There certainly were a lot of acts in the performance. I was surprised to see amongst them ricky gervias. We had talks from Simon Singh, Ben Goldacre and Richard Dawkins but these were relatively short presentations and most of the evening was devoted to comedy with Robert Ince as the compare who was really good. There was one particular guy who was reciting a monologue who was really good as well and there were quite a number of comic songs. I was surprised the evening lasted till nearly 11pm it seemed much shorter. Simon left then as Lydia had been unable to attend due to a migraine. I continued on to find the 8thday folks but they had left the gay hussar and were in an underground club so my messages didn't get through so I returned home, which was probably just as well.