Greenwhich Beer festival 19/07/2008

Set off for the Greenwhich beer festival, was nice and warm and met Simon and Lydia outside. We also saw JB on the way in and we soon joined by, Grant and Jenny, then Cathy and Steve. Then Nik and Livvy. From the start it was bit difficult to get to the beer as the festival was very popular, I started to go to the bottle beer section, this was a smaller queue as the beer was much more expensive. I should have realised that the expense was probably related to strength, but they poured the beer into a plastic beaker and I soon lost track of the strength of the alcohol I had consumed, Add to this the fact that I hadn't eaten much during the day and I was soon quite drunk, much more so than was usual for me, I later found on Monday that I had lost quite a few pounds in weight, which also would have accounted for my reduced alcohol tolerance. But I certainly enjoyed the bits of the beer festival I recall. I even met some faceless ones, Stuart, Bill, and Jo and chatted to them as well during the evening in between pints. The journey home was a long and best forgotten affair.