John's Birthday 19/08/2008

Up quite late had breakfast with 4 cups of coffee and then set off for the cable car took about an hour in the mist to get there passing many tourists on the way. We had a coffee at the top then caght the car down through the mist to pick up the car in the car park. We then had a very windey trip to Santander, to drop off Nick at the airport, but first we stopped off in decathlon to get a mountain bike and some bits and pieces. After nick left we popped in to carrefour got lots of beer and some dvds to watch and Angela bought the food, we managed to fit all the stuff in the picasso surprisingly. Back then to the village, and we unpacked. We tried to watch avp2 but the dvd didn't want to work this time so me and john took it apart this time, but with no success.
Not up early, chopped logs for a considerable time, then went for a run, going numerous different ways and getting a tan whilst running 7.6 miles. Watched aliens versus predator 2 on the new dvd player that Angela had bought from carrefour. A plane had crashed in Spain that day killing many people, no news of any GB medals in the olympics. In the evening did a small amount of stargazing after we celebrated John's birthday at midnight.
Good day for exercise whilst John and Angela tidied, I went for an 8 mile run along the various villages around montecillo, afterwardsI got on the bike and cycled onto polientes and around the rio ebro. Very warm got a bit sunburnt, started to watch the bourne identity as well on the DVD. Angela had a very impressive meal ready for when our guests arrive, Isla arrived with Ed who was an astrophysics person, and then Lexy and Dwight and Hanri, Angelas friend, we had a very good dinner party with great conversation and a lot of wine was drunk or at least speciality beer in my case. People finally went to bed about 12.30pm, so I stayed up and watched the end of the film and then read a bit.
Up not too early went for a 5 mile run with Ed, to the local village. Popped into a town in the afternoon with John and Dwight and we had a look around and booked the restaurant for the evening. We exchanged his lamp which was the other reason for our visit, then we bought a very exciting electrical flyswat, and I got some extra beers from the supermercado, and then Dwight got us some icecreams. The restaurant reservation was for 9.15pm, which is early in Spain, I started off with a first course of Cheese, then myself and Lexi shared a T-bone steak, this was huge and we got to cook it ourselves on our own grill on the table. We were stuffed by the end of it. When we got back I had to stand up for quite a while to let my dinner settle. In the evening we watched about an hour of hot fuzz, before bed time, then I watched the bourne supremacy and did some star watching before going to bed.
Up for a run in the morning ran up to a wind farm about 9 miles but very steep. Arrived back to find the others about to leave for the vineyards so quickly got dressed and got in the car we set off on quite a long drive to Haro, a nice town were we sat outside a town square and had some wine and Tapas, well I had beer as usual. We then visited the tourist information office and got details of a local rioja producer. Hesus was the guys name and he gave us a nice tour of his vineyard and then we sampled his 5 wines white and four red. This was very good value for 3. Back then in the car to montecillo, we had some fun navigating through some little towns, but got back quicker than we left and we got the BBQ started. The BBQ was copious, couldn't manage it. After eating outside we retired indoors to watch the remainder of Hot Fuzz. After that most people went to bed, so I watched the bourne ultimatum then went out in the yard and did some star gazing. Till about 3.15.
Up about 10.45am. Went for a good long run of over nine miles visiting polientes on route, then did a long cycle in the opposite direction. Back for lunch of ice cream. In the evening we had an outdoor meal to music then had some more music indoors. I sampled more mint chocolate baileys. Then watched a fistful of dollars when the others went to bed.
Woke up and went for a quick 3 mile run before most of the rest of the house was up. Had a quick shower then off with, Ed, Isla, Dwight and Lexi to see a picturesque village, were we took some pictures and had a coffee and some ice creams. Back then and lunch outside, then packing and off to Santander. Journey back was uneventful, travelled back with, John, Angela, Isla and Ed on the stanstead express.