Mango Tree 22/02/2008

In the evening set off for the Mango Tree. Unfortunately Fatema couldn't make it at the last moment but all the other 9 folks arrived spot on so we had a good crowd. I spotted Rita as I got out at Victoria and we walked to the Mango Tree together. I had the singha beers and Rita had cocktails in the bar. We also had the added bonus of a thai film festival going on, though the subtitling of the film about a man fighting a crocodile left a bit to be desired. Christine arrived, and Bruce, Simon, Beth, Tony, Chris and Jill. For once we had more men than women along, it must have been the curry. I had a starter of satay which was nice and my main course was a curry in half a pineapple, I even finished off with some refreshing sorbet. The place was certainly very popular. The only downside was a very long walk to the toilet which was 300 paces by Rita's pedometer, though It was a very nice toilet when you got there. I managed to save on the exercise front as Tony was kind enough to give me a lift home.