Marylebone Pubcrawl 11/10/2008

Got up OK and made it to Amanda's pubcrawl for 1pm, so did Nick, but by some confusion everyone else was aiming for 2pm. Still we were there in the chapel on Chapel st, which was a nice pub and we had a pint and a nice beer garden to sit in so it was no problem. We were however about the only people to remember to bring a hat apart from Amanda of course. We had another pint in the chapel and marked the fact by drawing five bar gates on our hands. We pushed on to a nice Swedish pub then and were joined by some more folks including another Amanda who had only just learned that Pimms was alcoholic. Grant also made it along at this point, and then we were chucked out for the football so went on to a very interesting pub the Windsor castle, the queen mum had pulled a pint here and the handlebar club met there regularly. Got chatting to a local bloke who knew a bit about Bermondsey. Went on then to a bit of a classy boozer which spoiled it's ambiance by having the football on the telly. Even more folks joined us here including Russel. From here we had a bit of a walk and got in a decent boozer were the football was more sedate and started to play drinking games, including left handed drinking and the thumb on the forehead. At the next pub we attempted to have a game of headmaster but that didn't work and we all kind of gradually moved outside. We moved on then to a place weirdly called this is a bar, and we had a nice alcove to ourselves, and we also had a strange shooter for 2. We had lost nick by this point as he had got left behind and his phone battery had died. I called it a day shortly after and got home in time to catch a Chinese.