Newgale 23/05/2008

Drove down with Adele form London to Newgale YMCA in south Wales, we left at 10.30am and got there about 4.30pm having stopped for petrol and stopped of at a cheap supermarket to get beer and lager for the group. Steve, Darren and James were already there but had failed to find any surf. We played about with my softball for a few throws till Steve got it in the hedge. People gradually arrived through the night, the last ones well after I went to bed, not before having played jenga and pool into the night in the YMCA games room.
Up bright and early and into our wetsuits, for the coasteering it was the same course I had done before but the sea was very calm. I was quite warm with my neoprene socks on and latex gloves, though Hannah cut her hand on the rocks. We did get to go in the toilet which I had never been in before. In the afternoon, myself, Nick, Matt, Matt and Daniel set of to a seacliff and nick stuck a rope up and I abseiled down to the rocks below and then climbed back up on a top rope. We all had a go then I abseiled down with Nik and belayed him as he led the route to the top I then unsuccessfully tried to get out all the protection. It was a very good learning experience. Back then to the YMCA for diner, then I took a ride with Marcos and Matt in Juzar's beast of a machine into St David's, we were rather cold in the pub garden for a while and then of course went onto the rugby club disco which was even busier than the previous years. We got back late and stayed up even later in the games room.
Was going to go for a run in the morning but thought I had run out of hayfever stuff, turned out it was so wet that it probably wouldn't have mattered. Some brave souls did go for a run and some even braver souls went for a cycle road. The all came back well and truly soaked. We set off then for the pub in Solvay, after dropping off Steve to his very cold kiteboarding lesson. We had a very nice lunch, or dessert in my case in the pub and met Daniel and Matt who had walked there. I went back then and picked up a wet and bedraggled Steve from his course and we popped back to the YMCA for dinner before heading back to Newgale for an evening in the pub there, played a little pinball and got a credit till the flipper went back to the games room then and we had some fun trying to fix the pool table unsuccessfully, then played the bottle game the stretching game and a host of other such games.
Climbing in the morning, Myself, Daniel, James, Carolin, Tanya, and Glenn headed off to the climbing area with Monty and his chum, it turned out to be the sae slab as I had climbed a couple of years ago, but enjoyable none the less. Quite enjoyed the bouldering to start with, and the leap across the water. We managed to get our climbs in just before it chucked down, luckily I had an umbrella with me to get us back to the minibus. We met Adele and Sharon back at the YMCA and we drove off in the rain and rendezvoused at the services were Adele transferred to my car and we travelled on a bit slowly to London, in a lot of rain and wind. I tried to get Daniel and Adele to Euston, but had to give up, eventually dropped them at Piccadilly.



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