Nik's Party 12/04/2008

In the evening off to Nik's party in Clapham. The cause for celebration was a housewarming of Nik's new place. The theme was rockstars so of course I went as Ozzy Osbourne, especially as Nik emphasized the need for wigs. I got there fairly early and met gene simmons, Dusty Springfield and the likes, there were a good few outfits presented through the night, memorable ones were iggy pop in his silver lame leggings. Rob as Elton John, Charlotte and Sophie as Britney. Nik kept the party flowing with toffee vodka, vodka jellies and a supply of Rum Punch. It was good fun though I got a little warm in my Ozzy outfit but I stuck it out till after 1am when I had to catch a taxi home so I could do streetluge the next day. The party was still in full swing however and it looked like it would go on till the early hours.