Norfolk 18/01/2008

Sandy arrived at 10.20 or so and we set off for Hunstanton in Norfolk. We slightly beat the Sat Nav prediction of 2.5 hours even though we went through a lot of rain. We got to the hostel but had to go for a walk until Ross arrived. Then we all got changed and ran east along the coast. There was a bit of wind and Ross was suffering a bit with his achilles but we still managed 9.6 miles by my ipod. We got changed and went to Tesco's to get some food then we popped into the local pub before retiring to the YHA to await the arrival of the others, Simon, Katie, Daniel Sam, Clare, Jo, Simon, Lydia, were amongst the folks I already knew and we were 30 strong in total. I was taking it a bit easy as trying to avoid the calories but we still made it to after 2 am.
Up in the morning and after a YHA breakfast we had a good long walk along the beach. We were joined by Mahmoud and Tony who had driven up in the morning. After about 2.5 hours we found a local pizza restaurant for some food then, Myself, Sandy, Katie and Tamara formed a breakaway group and walked back the way we came whilst the others set off to look for seal. We walked back along the Dunes and saw some twitchers and some women who went for a swim, we just caught a little drizzle towards the end. After getting showered myself and Simon set off to test the local amusements and book some ten pin bowling alleys. We played a number of shooting games then had some fish and chips before rejoining the others. For their dinner. We popped along after dinner to the local ten pin bowling centre and had a couple of games, I won the first game inmy lane withh 99 points but only came 3rd in the 2nd withh 100. Ross and Simon had a battle for the top score which Ross won by one point. Back then to the YHA and some twister followed and some arm wrestling and then a few of the folks, Tanya and Giles first and then Sandy and Katie went for a dunk in the sea. Finally went to sleep after 3am.
Up for breakfast, Ross failed to go for the early morning dip in the sea he had envisaged the night before. We set off along the beach at a stiff pace against the wind and after a certain amount of time headed back along the wall of a dyke like structure. We walked for over 3 hours in all then popped into the local hotel for a nice roast beef dinner before heading home. The jouney back was fast but involved a lot of rain we were so lucky not to get rained on during the weekend.



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