Phil's 40th Birthday 06/12/2008

took the central line out to West Ruislip for Phil's 40th Birthday celebrations. It was bit chilly outside London, and had a little walk due to the Piccadilly line closure but got there fine. Was quite a bit like an SP reunion, Susan, Christine, Sylvia, Mike, Jon, Jackie, Jenny, Barbra, Janet and Simon, Neil, Wendy and Laurence. Jon and Amanda etc were there. I had a few drinks but not too many so I could run the next day. We had some fireworks as well as copious amounts of food and nibbles, and we all huddled under the large fire umbrella in the garden, as we watched Phil be the master of ceremony's. There was still one trick left up Phil's sleeve as he had an exploding chocolate bomb, unfortunately it resolutely failed to explode so a hammer had to be used. We enjoyed the chocolate anyway and had some more beer, then myself Wendy, Laurence and Aidan got a lift back with Neil which was handy.