Quaglinos 24/01/2008

Off to Quaglino's Restaurant neer Green Park. There was a very good turnout, Susan, Amanda, Rita, Alex, Emma, Beth, Jennifer, Fatema, Oscar, Mike, Tony, Maurice, Christine, Chris, Julie, Bruce, Jon. We were split over two tables which unfortunately weren't near each other but you could pop by for a chat on the way back from the toilet. The meal Deal christine had organised was pretty impressive 19.50 for 3 courses and a half bottle of wine. I don't know if everyone one there was on that deal but certainly the restaurant was extremely full and it looked like everyone sat down at 8pm so we were lucky to get the extra seats. The service was fine, they even tried to give us some complimentary whiskey, but they had the wrong table. Finally finished up after 11pm and walked Susan back to the tube getting home just after midnight, a very good night.