Reading Half 02/03/2008

Up early and off to Baron's Court to meet Rob and Anna for 8.15 am, after a quick journey apart from a small traffic Jam and a police escort we arrived in reading. And parked very near to the stadium. The weather was nice and warm and so I was a bit overdressed with leggings on. I set off in the 1.30mins group but it proved a bit slow in the first mile as there were so many runners, But after that I was able to accelerate to 7 min mile pace. I held that well all the way round despite a few hills. I can't say I was ever struggling but I was aware of my hip which had been giving me some grief the previous week. It started to complain at 2 miles but luckily didn't seem to get any worse so I continued at the same pace. This meant that coming into the stadium I was going to just miss out om 1 hour 30 mins, so I came in on 1.31.22 a bit outside of schedule, but I was quite relieved that my hip hadn't given me a problem. Met up with Anna as she came in looking quite fresh having carried an ipod and a phone with her in a camel back. We met rob and got our goodie bags and gold space blankets. Before heading off home after a job well done.