Running Pubcrawl 17/12/2008

Back then to London and straight to borough for the 8thdayuk running club Xmas do, James, Emily, Livvy and Tanya were along to run and we ran east for 5 and a bit miles to work up a thirst, then it was off to the trinity pub near borough were we got a nice seat in the corner and enjoyed the first drink and plotted running exploits for the year to come. After that we moved on to the blue eyed maid which I used to go to when I was studying accountancy. Though sad to report it was a bit smelly and Tanya had a sticky seat. We pushed on then and found the kings arms down a backstreet, this was quite nice and again seats were available but the highlight was the Britannia which we went to at Andy's suggestion. Not only did it have 3 huge blackboards of whiskey but it had a huge Xmas globe, with Santa in it and it was snowing we were very impressed and sat in front off it. We were probably lucky that the pub closed at 11pm or we could have got quite drunk.


8th Day UK