Stannage 08/07/2008


Woke up quite early to finish my packing for Sheffield then caught a train from St Pancreas, first time I had been there since it was finished, very nice. Sheffield was looking nice and I stopped in decathlon for some kit before my meeting afterwards off to the Scotsmans pack in hathersage. Got there before Matthew and had a pint in the bar. Went for a quick run when Matthew arrived then showered and we popped into town for a drink of Guinness at the little john pub. We sat outside in a few flies, but they weren't biting. We went back to the scotman's pack for something to eat. I just had Bakewell Pudding.
Up early and rushed through our breakfast to get to the car park to meet Alice from Mile End. Tess was the other person on our course and we all jumped into Alice's car and set off for burbage edge. The weather wasn't as good as it might have been, we just had a bit of a go at bouldering to warm up and it started to rain, luckily I had bought full waterproof kit. We progressed onto a climb then and I made it ok and so did the others. Alice then through up a couple more routes which we all mastered. We were joined in our area by some soloing climbers then just as the sun was coming out, so we moved on. I spotted a nice arete and we were able to do lay backs on it. Then we moved to another area and just got there in time to set up the knights move an HVS climb before some other climbers. I managed that ok and so did Matthew, but Tess struggles. We then did another route up a crack, but I took a very different line to Matthew and Tess on this one, finally Alice set up the rope under a sharp overhang. I had a go and by hook or crook I got over it. There was a lot of complaining and grunting and I finally got my leg over the lip then had to pull even harder to get forward all the time I had a grip like death on really sharp rock. So my hands were very shredded by the time we finished this last route of the day. Back then to the pub for a shower after a pint there we headed off to the curry house, Matthew had a huge fry up and I finished my meal with a funky Pie. We thenw went back to the little john that was now serving beer and played a good few games of pool.
Up early breakfast and checked out. Drove in Matthew's car to the car park, were I got in with Alice for the trip to stannage. The weather was wet to start with for the trek to the edge and remained wet all the day. To start with we learned about belaying and setting up anchors with nuts and friends. Then with ropes and slings, We did a climb and I put in 4 pieces of protection and formed a belay point on the cliff even though I was securely on a top rope at the same time. Matthew had a go as well but Tess was too cold and tired to climb, and it certainly was colder up the cliff as you were in the full force of the wind up there. So we reluctantly called it a day and Alice gave me a lift back to Hathersage station, unfortunately there was over an hours gap until a train came along, but after that the trip went smoothly back to london.