Steve Birthday 26/04/2008

Steve's birthday do in the evening went to Vauxhall tube then I found the Bonnington café in Bonnington square this was a co-operative vegetarian restaurant. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves, their was a special menu for Steve's birthday and we were all on Polaroid's and in a scrapbook before we knew what was happening. It was a really nice evening and because the square was so quiet people spent some of the time outside. He deal was a 3 course meal for a tenner and we managed to fit 30 people in. We had poppers and all sang Steve happy Birthday we all got Rum punch as well and Grant and Simon, had some neat vodka flavoured with Australian sherbet stuff, so it was bright red. The Restaurant was BYO so I had some Cobra. It turned out to be quiet a cheap evening apart from the Taxi's. We popped along to the halo bar Near Clapham quite an impressive bar with candles and atmosphere, but not many customers by the time we got there so we got full access to the really comfy leather Sofas. Stayed for quite a while it was after 2am by the time I left. Caught a taxi with two more northerners Adele and Carolin and dropped them off.