Street Luge 13/04/2008


Up early and off to street luge. Got to Victoria on the first district line train, but missed the rendezvous with Nathalie, grabbed some breakfast then and caught up with Nathalie on the train. We got to our destination and met Martin who was good enough to give us a lift to the hill in Salisbury. We met Rob there and Ding the organiser got us all kitted up in leathers and protective gear. We grabbed our boards and had a go at steering round cones. I found this really difficult, but they gave me some better shoes which enabled me to break better, and then loosed the bearings on my board three successive times this gave me more steering. But by this time it was time for the first practice run down the big hill. I was pretty nervous as I hadn't got the hang off it, and the turns looked impossible to get round. However with liberal use of breaking I got round the first bend but came off at the second, no harm done though. Had a number of goes after that and I got successful getting round all the corners a number of times. Though just as many times I came off, especially when it rained for a little while. The slick track, meant braking was hard and grip much reduced. There were a number of impressive crashes for 20 minutes or so till the track dried out. I got a good qualifying time and then was on for an even better one but, came off at the very last bend. I then took a number of vid's of the other folks before getting a lift back to the train with Martin.


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