The Park 10/04/2008

After work went straight to the park the very posh restaurant opposite knightsbridge tube. I got there early about 6pm within about 10mins the place was packed, I was gradually joined by Sid, Sylvia, Bruce, Fay, Emma, Mike, Julie, Christine, and Tony. We had our own table down the glass corridor from the bar and we took our table promptly at 7.45 to get the deal. Again it was a very good deal thanks to Christine, 40 for a three course meal and unlimited wine. But my goodness this set menu had over 10 choices for each course, also the food was superb it ended up being a very good deal, though the drinks at the bar before hand were a bit pricey. A good time was had by everyone, though Sid had to leave a little early as she had been drinking for a while and the martini they served at the bar was super powerful.