Tring 2 Town 02/02/2008

Up about 7am and got things ready met sandy downstairs and was able to catch some quick breakfast before checking out and joining the others outside. It was pretty cold but we were soon off and moving. We kept up a good pace, we actually ran the 20 miles to watford quicker than in training. We were place in the middle of a group of runners that kept reappearing and it was obvious that a number of folks were training for the marathon de sables as they were carrying very large packs. There were checkpoints at 10, 20, 30 and 35 miles and we were always glad to see them, as they meant a rest off our feet. We also had a strategy of walking 5 mins every 40 minutes or so which seemed to help. It was pretty cold there was a lot of ice till midday then after halfway it started to get muddy, Sandy took a tumble in some mud but was ok, I had an altercation with some barbed wire but was only scratched. Things started to get a bit tough between the 30 and 40 mile mark, and we were going quite a bit slower. Needing to take more rests but we eventually got within striking distance of the finish and saw the signs to leave the canal for the pendley manor hotel. As we crossed the line in 7hr 17 mins Sandy declared he didn't think he'd be able to start in the morning but soon changed his tune after some stretching and food.
We ate in the bar and had old speckled hen to drink and venison burgers to eat. After that we had a talk by a scientist from the university of lincoln who wanted to do a study on us. We also had a question and answer session with some of the more experienced runners. After that we retired to the room and sandy ordered two more meals before we retired.



Tring 2 Town

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