Tring 2 Town 03/02/2008

Up early and legs were feeling good we popped down to breakfast and chatted a bit to the other runners. Before checking out and getting on to the start line. We headed off at 8.15am and there was quite a bit of hobbling to start with and we were at a fairly reduced pace from yesterday but much better than I expected. We pushed on well running with Hugh Pinner who had only entered the return race at the last minute. We stuck together as a team and pushed on towards london, we were a bit further down the field today, but then some of the runners hadn't run the day before so that was to be expected. We kept seeing a number of folks like two guys who were running the Marathon De Sables but we gradually left most people behind as we made good time. We had a bit of a bad spell between 20 and 30 miles when Sandy's stomach was giving him problems, but this sorted itself out and we made good time between 30 and 40 miles we found Karen along the way who we had ran with on the Jurassic. She was also training for the Marathon de Sables. We had a bit of drama in the race as well as a dead body was found on the canal by one of the runners ahead of us and we had a short detour around the site where the body was recovered. As we neared the finish there was a group of four of us heading in and Sandy even had enough strength left for a sprint finish. Then Hugh treated us to a pint in the bar before we headed back via bus to Hammersmith. Got home had a nice chinese and then did a lot of sleeping.



Tring 2 Town

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