Turkey 05/09/2008


Up very early in the morning met Paul Wells on the tube but he was off to Victoria, I walked across the bridge and met, Marcos, Adam, Carolin and Jay and we caught the train down to gatwick, met all the others there no problem, and the boys were soon enjoying a pre departour drink. We also had champagne on the flight over thanks to Steve and Matt. Then a 40 minute trip to the resort, me and Sandy were sharing and were soon unpacked and down to the beach bar for a large Efes. We were graduallly joined by the others and we chatted and watched the view till dinner which was a big table for 30 of us. We drank more at the bars then and gradually people drifted off as they were tired due to the early start. Eventually only me Cathy and Sandy remained determined to stay up past midnight uk time, we eventually managed 3.30 am local time but failed to locate the big dipper.
Kayaked to the island with, Jay, Dave, Sandy and Matt got there and ran to the top. Came down and found, Steve and Carolin and Ken and Adam had sailed to the island, so we messed about and tried to stand on the waveski. Then I raced them both back to the beach. Ran with Paul and Sandy in the heat of the afternoon out along the promenade then we attempted to climb the steep hill, got a third of the way up then admired the view, we ran back along the seafront which was nice doing about 6.3miles. Off to Halikarnasis in the evening after dinner. We walked as a group of 20 of us to the crossroads, were we all piled into a bus meant for 12, it was quite a fun ride for 3 lira each. We got droped off in the buspark then headed to the seafront, but actually came out behind st peters castle which confused me as I couldn't see it or halikarnasis. But we doubled back and stopped at a bar for beer, while I checked directions. We double back a bit then found ourselves at the start of bar street, and steve quickly negotiated us a deal in a bar. We all got beers and quite a number of shooters, which was excellent. We then headed off to halikarnasis, and after the inevitable haggling to save a few quid, we got in and the group literally stood in awe on the steps looking down onto the dancfloor and out to the bay through the marble arches. The crowd which was a very young, trendy and probably rich europen set, were very into the music and we were straight off to the dancefloor. The hours flew by. Helped by some stage shows and some podium dancers. Then what I wasn't expecting "the Aquaparty", the showgirls were dancing on stage one moment and then the whole stage just erupted with fountains of water. Then after a few minutes the audience was invited up and most of 8th day piled on stage getting absolutely soaked. It was great fun, like being in a reverse waterfall. Then with little respite, we had the foam, which we certainly made the most of especially Nik and Cam, who had certainly been reluctant at the start and seemed to be always on the verge of going home at the start of the evening, their inner party animals, certainly leapt onto the dancefloor. When we were all foamed out it was easy enough to get a taxi back as the ones outside the club were fitted with towels. There were a few electronics problems. My and Pauls phones stopped working but Pauls eventually started again and so did mine, but my camera remianed a casualty well worth it though, an incredible night.
In the evening we popped along to the promenade, and sat in one of the smoking clubs with a pipe and a bit of a mission to work our way through the cocktails on the menu, they weren't that good but they were cheap and we were on holiday. After about 5 cocktails and a dance off between Steve and Ken and some polish girls we walked back along the beach.
Cycled with Matt about 8 miles up to the top of the big hill, then came back and ran up it, it climbed about 200m in 1.5 miles so 10% on average. Then had some fun throwing the frisbee around in the pool. In the evening we taxied into gumbat and the club tropicana bar. We got free shots in that and the shamrock bar. There certainly was some cheesy muic in the shamrock bar, but it was good fun, I got a kebab for 1.50 lira that was far too big too eat but I had to as there were no bins, went home not long after that, though some others were out till 5 or later.
Up early ran along the beach with Paul at 9 am very hot, did about 5.5 miles and stopped for a drink. Stayed in the room then after a bit of a false start trying to wait for a bus near some roadworks, we caught taxi's into the aquapark, a lot of folks bailed at this point as there wasn't much time left. But Myself, Steve, Matt, Ken, Dave and Adele stayed and had a cracking time. We started off on the kamikaze which was the wildest you go down, in the dark in some of them and the drops were extremely ferocious especially on the white one were you left the slide and then hit it again. We went down some on dinghies, one was blowing a gale at the top, I went down it with Ken it was a big u bend. We also went doen a tunnel in the dark with 4 of us in a boat, we had a quick go at the jacuzzi then we had foam boxing which was hilarious, me vs dave, and Ken vs Adele. Steve nearly knocked Matt out with a real punch. Afterwards we had a quick go of the wave machine before heading back via a supermarket and a cashpoint. In the evening we drank around the bar discussing who had done what till after midnight.
Up early and got a bike out, went for a bit of a cycle around the market slowly as it was a ladies bike. Met the others then to go to lunch by bike. Myself, Matt, Dave, Steve, Carolin, Juzar, Brian and Ken were along. We shopped in the vegetable market for a while then negotiated a good discount in a café for some mixed grub, with chillies and a beer, pretty good. Then back to the camp, we had a game of volleyball, before setting off on the catamaran cruise. Myself, Matt, Ken, Cathy, Paul, Carolin, Dave and Adele were along and two others, we relaxed while they sailed us out to a bay were we could jump in and splash about and look at the bottom. Was very salty though, but we got a nice beer to take the taste away and a nice sail back. We congregated then in the bar and then walked past the BBQ to go to the local fish restaurant. Which was on the beach and done in local style, it would have been really nice to have a local meal in local style taking a while over it. Then we went back to the hotel, and drank a bit till 1am using the planisphere a bit and some folks playing table tennis.
Got up wasn/t feeling chipper but went with Paul and Sandy for their training run, started at 10.17am, at one point my watch said 43 degrees and when we got back it was only 36 degrees by my watch but the thermometer said 42 degrees so pretty warm. I had the bike and peddled it up all the steep hills without stopping. Then let Paul ride it down the hills to get a rest. Of course Sandy had five and a half litres of water with him to make matters worse. We were followed, by Dave, Juzar and Cathy at the start but they developed technical problems on the first hill so had to turn back. We pushed on and over that hill for 2.2 miles then doubled back along the peninsula and then back the long way to club tamarisk, by this time Sandy had really started to suffer with the combination of hills and heat, luckily there will be no hills in the desert. Back then to the camp and we ran to the beachfront with the rocky music playing, I then spent half and hour in the sun after having eaten 3 calypsos. There was a very amusing canoe race, that Steve and Cathy won after a tie break, and we had a game of ultimate frisbee with the volleyball in the pool. I also did a bit of juggling. In the evening we all caught taxi's to gumbat and went in the karaoke bar, we pretty much had the microphone to ourselves and proceeded to murder some classics as usual. About 4 am , me Matt and Steve found ourselves a local kebab that was rather tasty., but we didn't find the promised foam so we caught a cab home.
Felt a bit rough while checking out but not too bad. Sat by the pool for a while then we were told our plane was delayed by 3 hours. After a bit more lounging about we set off to the airport at 5.30pm, but unfortunately when we got there we were told the flight would be at 3am as the plane had been hit by a bird, and the cockpit windscreen was being replaced. They did give us two sets of food for free and also some drink to keep us going. I read my book and listened to my ipod whilst strolling round the airport. Eventually we boarded after a delay of 10hours and 10 mins and got back to Victoria for about 6am.



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